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Making a Difference

We all know that the Christmas Family Ball is a really fun party and a great opportunity to get dressed up and celebrate the season with friends and family, but what makes it really special is that everyone of us is helping to bring some cheer to a family that is struggling for one reason or another. We thought you'd like to get a sense of the positive impact you have when you buy a ticket to the Christmas Family Ball.

2014: May 22, 2015
Dear Christmas Family Ball Society,
Thank you so much for your recent gift to The Elizabeth Fry Society of Greater Vancouver.
EFry was founded with the knowledge that a single person can change another's life for the better. Your commitment to supporting and improving the lives of people in the community similarly reflects this value. The impact of our work expands in step with those who choose to support us through donations or by volunteering. Thank you for enabling us to support our clients by providing for essential daily needs with this donation.
2013: Letter from the Associate Vice-President, Philanthropy, BC Children's Hosptial Foundation
To all the wonderful members of the Christmas Family Ball Society!
Many thanks for all that you have done and continue to do to support our community! Through your efforts from your 2013 event the Kelty Mental Health Centre, here at BC Children's will continue to build upon their youth outreach support initiatives and work diligently to meet the needs of youth in crisis.
We are grateful for all your hard work, support and dedication. Good luck & all the very best your your 2014 event.
2011: Letter from B.C. Children's Hospital Clinical Social Worker

So often we send you emails asking for funding, but never stop to thank you. I cannot say enough about the support you are offering our families. My job would certainly be much more challenging, not having you as a resource. The families we serve often find themselves at a crossroads that has the potential to destroy body and soul. They want to be there for their child, but they have other children at home that need them just as much, sometimes more. The have bills that do not stop just because their child has been diagnosed with cancer. They have jobs that require their time and attention. The list goes on and on. Then one day they receive a cheque from you and they seem to breathe just a little easier for a little while. But it is more than just the cheque. Knowing there are other people that know how this journey feels. How lonely it can get, how devastating it can be, how stressful. It truly makes a difference. For me, it is a testimony of what humanity is capable of. We were instructed to take care of our neighbours and you do it so gracefully. Thank you again.
2010: Our Society is still a new one, every single donation, large or small, brings us one step closer to fulfilling another wish for a child and family in the community. We appreciate the fact that you support our vision and in turn help bring memories to well-deserving families.
Your combined donation of $7,000 will be put towards helping local families who have a parent diagnosed with a terminal illness and have children under the age of 18. To date, with your contributions, we have helped 16 families in Vancouver, Richmond, Maple Ridge and Burnaby.
Together we have and will continue to be able to create Lasting Memories for these families -- Thank You!!
2010: My son was just 2 years old when he became gravely ill. Surgery, treatment and recovery spanned many months, a time during which we depended heavily on the selfless care and generosity of people such as yourself. No words can possibly express our gratitude; our hope is that you may always reflect with joy in the role you played in the recovery of the little boy whose life you touched.
2010: Last year we were told to ‘get to Children's Hospital immediately’; my child had been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. From that day forward, nothing has been the same. My child cannot play sports this season nor go to school. I’ve had to put my work on hold. I am so fortunate that my employer has told me that my job will be there when my child is better. I am a single parent. When my social-worker from Children’s Hospital approached me with this cheque from you, I cried. This money will help to pay for medication and gas, and a few bills at home. This letter is to express my gratitude and when this is all over and I’m back at work, I would like to help out another family one day. I will never forget this and I (we) thank you again for your kindness and understanding.
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